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The Perm Regional Clinical Hospital is still called Alexander’s Hospital. The fact is that the history of its establishment is inextricably linked with the event that took place in the autumn of 1824. At that time Perm welcomed the highest guest in its history: for the first time the city was visited by the Head of the Russian State, Emperor Alexander I. This visit became an impetus for the development of the city and its infrastructure.

The Emperor examined many Perm institutions. Having visited the city hospital, which was located in a rather unsightly wooden building, the monarch made a remark to Governor Tyufyaev: “Better care should be taken of the hospital’s appearance as it looks like ruins although it is maintained in good order.”

With these words of Alexander I, the history of the Alexander’s Hospital begans. After the monarch’s departure, the first thing was to raise a lot of funds for the construction of a new hospital building. Perm citizens warmly responded to this undertaking. During the first year, not counting donations of materials, more than 140,000 rubles were donated.

In 1827, the foundation of a new hospital was laid, and already in 1833, the patients were transferred to a spacious two-storey stone building. On the sides of the porch there were two cast-iron lions, which served not only as decoration, but also as money-boxes: each citizen could make a donation for the treatment of patients and for the maintenance of the hospital.

To commemorate the visit of the monarch, the hospital was named Alexander’s Hospital. It became one of the best provincial hospitals in the Russian Empire. On May 24, 1837, Perm citizens proudly demonstrated their hospital to Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolayevich, the future Emperor Alexander II.

On August 6, 1868, the son of Emperor Alexander II, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, visited the Alexander’s Hospital, and on June 11, 1887, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich and his son, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich also visited it.

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