Chapel of St. Stephan of Great Perm


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On April 26, 1882, on the Feast of St. Stephan of Perm the Great, on the corner of Petropavlovskaya and Kungurskaya streets (now Komsomolsky Prospekt), the laying of the stone chapel took place.

The chapel was built in the Russian style that became very popular during the reign of Emperor Alexander III and marked the turn to original Russian, even pre-Petrine cultural traditions.

In 1887, the Chapel of St. Stephan of Perm the Great was consecrated and became a large missionary and educational centre of the Perm Eparchy. Spiritual and moral conversations were held in its hall on Sundays and holidays. A free library-reading room was opened at the chapel.

The St. Stephan of Perm the Great Orthodox Church Brotherhood functioned at the chapel, its main goal was the reunion of the Old Believers with the canonical Russian Orthodox Church.

In addition to the library-reading room, a parochial school for 200 children, a class for training psalm readers and teachers of singing, a church teachers’ school, a men’s Sunday school, and the Archpriest John of Kronstadt Divinity and Missionary School were opened at the Chapel of St. Stephan of Perm the Great.

On the evening of July 15, 1914, during a pilgrimage trip through the Urals, Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna visited the missionary courses at the chapel. When she appeared in the hall, the students sang It is Truly Meet. A short prayer service was served, the head of the courses began to ask questions to the students, who, not at all embarrassed, quickly and confidently gave answers. The Grand Duchess listened with deep attention to the answers, which, apparently, made a pleasant impression on her. The august guest inquired about the organization of missionary work in convents and about missionary courses for nuns. In conclusion, she thanked the teacher of the courses for the well-organized work, and the students for excellent answers. Having spent about an hour at the courses, the Grand Duchess left the hall of the Brotherhood of St. Stephen to the sounds of Polychronion.

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