Church in the name of Resurrection of Christ and of the Holy Blessed Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky


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On October 1, 1869, in Perm, Archbishop Neofit consecrated the Church in memory of the Emancipation Reform of 1861 and in the name of the Resurrection of Christ and of the Holy Blessed Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky. The church was built on the initiative of peasants and entirely on their funds. It is no coincidence that the Resurrection Church was also consecrated in honor of Alexander Nevsky, the heavenly patron of Tsar-Liberator Alexander II. A significant donation was made by major Perm steam-owners and philanthropists, the Kamensky brothers, who themselves came from peasant serfs.

After the solemn divine service, a ceremonial dinner took place in the merchant’s club, to which all the volost foremen were invited. Before dinner, Governor Struve addressed the audience with a speech about the significance of the Great Reforms of Alexander II. The speech was interrupted by enthusiastic “cheers” and immediately aroused a unanimous desire to send to the Emperor a telegram expressing loyal feelings.

The stone church built according to a quadrangular plan, decorated with domes and a bell tower, stood out for magnificent architecture and remarkable interior decoration.

The first representative of the Imperial House who visited the Resurrection Church
in 1873 was the son of Alexander II, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich. In 1887, the brother of the late Tsar-Liberator, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich, and his son, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, also visited the church.

In the Soviet times, after the closure of the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Resurrection Church became the main temple of the Perm Diocese.
By the decree of the Holy Synod of June 5, 1931, the church was elevated to the status of a cathedral, but already in May 1935, the Presidium of the Sverdlovsk Regional Executive Committee decided to close the Resurrection Church. In 1940, the outstanding monument of Russian architecture was completely destroyed.

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