Church of All Saints and Yegoshikha Graveyard


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The history of the Church of All Saints dates back to a modest wooden Church of All Saints built on the territory of the city graveyard in 1784 thanks to the activities of the first Perm Governor-General Evgeny Petrovich Kashkin.

Emperor Alexander I, who visited Perm in the autumn of 1824, went to men’s and women’s poorhouses at the Church of All Saints. The emperor asked the poor about their maintenance and approved the conditions in the poorhouses.

A year earlier, in the autumn of 1823, the Perm society headed by Dmitry Emelyanovich Smyshlyaev decided to build a new stone church on the territory of the graveyard to replace the shabby wooden one. However, the laying of the foundation stone of a new church took place only in 1832, after which the old cemetery Church of All Saints was renamed into the Assumption Church.

The consecration of the stone Church of All Saints took place on November 13, 1838. In the crypt under the church, there is currently the family tomb
of the Smyshlyaevs, the main benefactors of the church, Dmitry Emelyanovich and his son, Dmitry Dmitrievich. Commemorative events dedicated to representatives of the family of Smyshlyaev are regularly held in the crypt by the Perm Diocese, the Church of All Saints, the Gorky Perm Regional Library, the Perm branch of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.

Two courtiers of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, her lady-in-waiting, Countess Anastasia Vasilievna Gendrikova, and Goflektrisa (Reader) Ekaterina Adolfovna Schneider, were buried in the Yegoshikha graveyard.

Quiet ascetics – this is how the famous Russian military figure and writer Pyotr Nikolayevich Krasnov called his collection of short stories dedicated to ordinary people, modest and unknown heroes of the First World War. Goflektrisa Schneider and lady-in-waiting Countess Gendrikova also became “quiet ascetics”. The two women have always served modestly and with dignity at the Highest Court. They demonstrated firmness and greatness of spirit, steadfastly and resignedly decided to share the fate of the Tsar Family and remained faithful to it to the end.

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