Ekaterininskaya Street


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Ekaterininskaya Street is named after the founder of the city of Perm as the centre of Perm Province – the Empress Catherine II who went down in history as Catherine the Great.

Catherine ascended the Russian throne in 1762. In 1775, under the influence
of the Pugachev’s Uprising, the Empress decided to strengthen the position of local authorities and, to this end, began to carry out the provincial reform. The territory of the Kama Region, which was part of the Kazan Province, the Empress decided to make a separate administrative-territorial unit. Catherine instructed the Kazan Governor, Prince Meshchersky, to choose a place for the capital of the new Perm Governorate. Having visited different cities and areas of the Kama Region, he opted for a place near the Egoshikha plant. The plant, founded in 1723, eked out a very miserable existence by that time. However, the area was both beautiful and extremely favourable in terms of trade routes crossing. The overland road from central Russia to Siberia and the river route from the Volga and the Kama to the north converged here.

The first Governor-General of Perm, Evgeny Petrovich Kashkin, appointed by Catherine the Great, confirmed the opinion of Prince Meshchersky. On November 17, 1780, Empress Catherine the Great wrote a letter to Kashkin, where she expressed her approval of the choice of a place for a new Governorate’s capital – Perm. Soon, the Empress issued an official nominal decree to the Governor Kashkin on the foundation of Perm: “Since the Egoshikha plant is so beneficially located and the site looks perfect for a city establishment, hereby we order to build a Governorate’s city to rule the district and name the latest the City of Perm…” During the summer of 1781, the construction of administrative and residential buildings of the new city proceeded at an accelerated pace. The inauguration ceremony of the Perm Governorate and the city took place in October 1781.


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