Marian Grammar School for Girls


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The stone foundation of the newer and larger premises of Marian Grammar School was laid in 1884 in Perm. The construction became possible due to the efforts of Tatyana Danilovna Anastasyeva and her husband, the Perm Governor, who helped collect donations from officials and private individuals.

A new three-storied building on the corner of Petropavlovskaya and Obvinskaya streets (now 25 Oktyabrya Street) was designed by the architect Dutel in eclectic style combining Western European Gothic and Old Russian architectural elements. The new building was consecrated in 1887 in the presence of Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich, who visited Perm with his son, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich.

On June 12, 1887, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, both dukes, in full dress with St. Andrew’s ribbons, arrived at the celebration of the consecration of the building, which was decorated with greenery, flags and monograms of the names
of the august guests. On both sides of the stairs leading from the entrance hall
to the first floor, there stood schoolgirls with flowers in their hands.

In the Assembly Hall on the first floor, the dukes were met by Bishop Ephraim, who blessed the icon of St. Xenia, served a prayer service and consecrated the building of the school. The honoured guests signed the deed of consecration and awarded the distinguished students. The schoolgirls sang the anthem “God Save the Tsar!” and the chant “Glory”. At the end of the act, the Grand Dukes accepted handmade souvenirs from the students: a tablecloth and a pillow embroidered with silk, as well as an embroidered towel.

Thanking the Headmaster Gratsinskaya for the order in the institution and successes of students, Mikhail Nikolayevich said that he found the building spacious and perfectly built, and it made the very pleasant impression on him.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the dukes left the school and the audience and schoolgirls exclaimed with delight “hurrah”. When the guests of honour went to the Assembly Hall, and then came back, the schoolgirls strewed their way with flowers.

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