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Perm Gun Plants located in Motovilikha became one of the most important defense-oriented enterprises of the Russian Empire in the 19th century.

Many representatives of the reigning Romanov Dynasty visited the gun plants. On October 2, 1824, Emperor Alexander I examined the Motovilikha state-owned copper-smelting plant. The monarch asked in detail about the condition of the plant, then visited patients of the plant’s hospital, tried the meals prepared for them.

In the autumn of 1845, along with other Urals mining enterprises, the Motovilikha plants were inspected on behalf of Emperor Nicholas I by his son-in-law, Duke Maximilian of Leuchtenberg, Head of the Institute of the Corps of Mining Engineers. The Duke was satisfied with all the plants.

With the same inspection purpose, in 1866, on behalf of Emperor Alexander II, his cousin, the son of Duke Maximilian, Duke Nikolai Maximilianovich Romanovsky, President of the Imperial Mineralogical Society, member of the Mining Council, inspected the cast-iron cannon and steel plants in Motovilikha. The Duke saw great prospects for the cast-iron cannon foundry in terms of increasing the volume of cannon casting, and also suggested launching artillery shell casting there. In the margins of the report, the Emperor expressed his consent.

In June 1887, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich, brother of Emperor Alexander II and uncle of the then Emperor Alexander III, studied the Motovilikha Plants in every detail. For many years, the Grand Duke was Commander-in-Chief of all Russian artillery in the rank of Feldzeugmeister General. On the trip, Mikhail Nikolayevich was accompanied by Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich who would later take up the post of Inspector General of Artillery.

Exploring the plants, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich repeatedly showed satisfaction with their condition, expressed gratitude to the Head of the Urals Mining Plants Ivanov and the Head of Mining Department Afrosimov. Passing by the workers who greeted the august guests, Mikhail Nikolayevich thanked them for their work. Thousands of workers answered with a loud “hurrah”.

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