Obelisk of the Siberian Outpost


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From its very foundation until 1824, Perm did not meet any of the members
of the Imperial House. Therefore, the news of the arrival of Alexander I was received with particular enthusiasm, everyone wanted to see their monarch who was known throughout Europe as a peacemaker, the crowned with laurels winner of Napoleon.

The visit had to be thoroughly prepared: the Siberian tract was put in order, squares and streets were cleaned and provided with sidewalks, facades of government and private buildings were restored. Stone obelisks were also built at the gates of the city – at the Siberian and Kazan outposts. The obelisks designed by architect Sviyazev were crowned with the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire – the double-headed eagle. By the end of September 1824, everything was ready to welcome the honoured guest.

The Emperor’s visit was scheduled for September 30. At six o’clock in the evening Perm was lit up with illuminations. At about nine o’clock the Emperor passed the obelisks of the Siberian outpost. Townspeople greeted the Sovereign with loud “hurrah”.

At four o’clock in the morning on August 5, 1868, the son of Alexander II, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, entered Perm through the Siberian outpost. Buildings belonging to various institutions as well as private houses were decorated with flags, monograms and banners. Unanimous enthusiastic “hurrah” welcomed the Grand Duke at the entrance to the city.


On the night of July 10, 1873, at two o’clock, the brother of Vladimir Alexandrovich, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, entered Perm through the Siberian outpost. The naval officer was returning to St. Petersburg from a two-year circumnavigation and spent two days in Perm. The city, despite the deep night, was unusually lively and luxuriously illuminated.

In the Soviet times, the obelisks of both outposts were dismantled, but in 2003 the “Siberian” obelisk was restored as a monument to the stay of Emperor Alexander I in Perm.

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