Perm City Prison (now Perm Remand Centre)


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The stone building of the Perm Province prison was built in 1878 per the design of architect Vasily Vasilyevich Popatenko on the site of the former wooden prison castle, which was repeatedly visited by members of the reigning House of Romanov. The writer Leonid Yuzefovich in the novel Philhellene vividly described the arrival of Emperor Alexander I in Perm in 1824 and, among other things, the monarch’s visit to prison: “He was accompanied by the Governor Tyufyaev with officials, and the role of Virgil during the inspection of this hell was played by the Provincial Prosecutor Baranov. The dungeon did not please the monarch, but he had seen worse prisons, so he did not find fault, limiting himself to a reminder of the prohibition of punishments in which prisoners were deprived of Christian consolations. He had given up focusing on the mixing of suspects, accused and charged, which was usual in the province, knowing that no matter how much you said, after his departure everything would go on as before, but he was struck by the suspiciously small number of prisoners for such a large province.”

“No way, did you put them somewhere?” he asked.

“That’s right, we sent them, but only according to the decisions of the courts,” Baranov masterfully got out. “Their cases couldn’t be accelerated
by the news of Your Majesty’s arrival.”

On July 23, 1918, the Princess of Imperial Blood Elena Petrovna (born Princess of Serbia), the lady-in-waiting of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Countess Anastasia Vasilievna Gendrikova and Goflektrisa (Reader) Ekaterina Adolfovna Schneider were brought to Perm from Yekaterinburg. On the same day, all those who arrived were placed in the provincial prison.

On the night of September 4, 1918, Countess Gendrikova and Goflektrisa Schneider were shot not far from the city, near the Siberian Road. At the end of October of the same year, Elena Petrovna was sent from the Perm prison to Moscow, where, thanks to the intervention of the Embassies of Serbia and Norway, she was released from custody. In December 1918, Princess Elena Petrovna got an opportunity to leave Russia.

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