Perm Military Hospital


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The building, which now houses the military hospital, was built in 1852 as barracks for the lower ranks of the gendarme squad on the site of the governor-general’s mansion that burned down in 1842.

While in Perm, the heir Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolayevich, the future Emperor Alexander II, stayed at the governor’s mansion. The heir arrived in Perm on May 23, 1837, shortly before midnight. The guest of honour approached the open window several times and bowed to the people in response to continuous enthusiastic greetings.

The next day, the Tsesarevich received officials and representatives of the estates, inspected city institutions, asked questions on the development of the city, its industry, and income.

By six o’clock in the morning of May 25, a road carriage was
at the ready at the governor’s mansion. Despite the early morning, a dense crowd had already surrounded the mansion. The heir accepted requests from people, treating each of them with full attention. Finally, the procession moved off, accompanied by deafening farewell shouts of “hurrah” and the ringing of bells from local churches.

The Perm Military Hospital at that time was located in a wooden building and was nearby. It was opened in 1819, and at the beginning of October 1824, Emperor Alexander I visited the hospital. The monarch went into all the wards, the laboratory, the storehouse, even the laundry and the kitchen, where he tried the food prepared for patients, including kvass, beer, rye and wheat bread, and approved everything. The wards were beautifully arranged and shone with cleanliness. 13 years later, on May 24, 1837, the heir Tsesarevich Alexander Nikolayevich also visited the Perm military hospital.

In 1855, the War Ministry decided to close the military hospital in Perm, all patients were transferred to the Alexander Hospital.

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