The Romanov Perm Diocesan Women’s School


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The grand opening of the Romanov Perm Diocesan Women’s School took place on September 16, 1891, and three years later its house church was consecrated in the name of Saints Sophia, Vera, Nadezhda, and Lyubov. The school was located in a one-storey building specially purchased for it and was in demand by locals. Due to the growing number of students, most of whom lived in the same school, it became necessary to expand the premises.

On September 17, 1905, on the corner of Petropavlovskaya and Solikamskaya streets (now Gorky Street) the stone foundation of a new large two-storey building per the design of architect Turchevich was laid. The diocesan school provided girls with full education to high standards. The building was constructed by 1913, and in the same year, in commemoration of the reigning Romanov Dynasty Tercentenary, the school received the honourary name of Romanov.

Students of the diocesan school received an all-round education. They studied the Russian language, literature, history of literature, pedagogy, didactics, the Church Slavonic language, physics, nature study, arithmetic, calligraphy, law, history and geography, church and secular singing, musical literacy, drawing and needlework. Students of senior courses conducted lessons for students of the exemplary parochial school opened at the diocesan school in 1896.

During the Great Patriotic War, the building housed a ballet school evacuated from Leningrad. After the war, the ballet school returned to the northern capital, but part of the teaching team and many students remained in Perm. As a result, the Perm Ballet School was established.

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