The Tupitsyns’ House


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The estate belonged to the family of a Perm merchant and industrialist Evgraf Kozmich Tupitsyn who lived in Perm since 1860. The construction
of the estate and the site planning were carried out from 1878 to 1904.

In 1918, one house of the estate belonged to the family of Evgraf Kozmich’s elder son – Alexander Evgrafovich Tupitsyn, and the second one – to the family of the younger son Vladimir Evgrafovich Tupitsyn. Alexander Evgrafovich was still alive by that time, and Vladimir Evgrafovich had already died, and his son Sergei was the owner of the second house.

In April-June 1918, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, who was in exile in Perm, repeatedly visited the Tupitsyns who also owned other houses in the city, including a magnificent mansion next to the Theatre Garden. There were vacant rooms in the houses, and the Tupitsyns sometimes rented them out to guests, but Mikhail Alexandrovich did not really like staying in a hotel and wanted to settle
in a private apartment. The Grand Duke’s acquaintance with the Tupitsyn family took place at the end of April 1918, when Mikhail Alexandrovich and his secretary Zhonson arrived at their estate to resolve the issue of renting several rooms. The Grand Duke examined the rooms for rent and found them quite suitable.

Mutual sympathy arose between Mikhail Alexandrovich and the Tupitsyns, and in May-June 1918, the Grand Duke and Zhonson visited the Tupitsyns three more times. Those visits always took place in a relaxed atmosphere: guests and members of the Tupitsyn family drank tea, talked about events in Russia and in the Urals, and listened to the piano playing and Zhonson’s singing.

At the beginning of June 1918, the issue of Mikhail Alexandrovich’s move to Tupitsyn’s house was almost settled. On June 13, Zhonson was supposed to come to Tupitsyn to finalize the time and conditions of the move. However, on the night of June 13, Perm Bolsheviks took away Mikhail Alexandrovich and his secretary from the Korolev’s Rooms by force and shot them.

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